Planning for sustainability.


Can you have a green meeting without sacrificing quality and comfort, without renting a rickshaw for transportation or forgoing air conditioning? The answer is a resounding yes, and we can help you do it with a systematic approach to planning the big picture and small details of your meeting.


Going green is the sum of many things and takes a partnership with our clients and their attendees. For example, the average hotel guest uses twice the water they consume at home, but hotels with efficient plumbing fixtures reduce this consumption.  Pitchers and water coolers can save the expense and waste of hundreds of water bottles over the course of a meeting. 


If you are interested in a green (or just greener) meeting, we will take you through a step-by-step process for reducing energy and resource consumption. Some of these steps can even save you money – now that is green thinking!


Here are five easy ways to conduct a greener meeting.


  1. Pick a venue that has adopted environmentally friendly practices. We are seeing more properties implement green practices and some that have achieved 100 percent green certification. This growth is most notable on the West Coast in great meeting locales such as San Diego and San Francisco.

  2. Choose a host city near as many delegates or speakers as possible, allowing for the most-direct air routings. We can analyze attendee city of origin and make recommendations. We can suggest locations that offer easy mass transit from the airport to the hotel. And we can recommend hotels in pedestrian-friendly areas with multiple dining and entertainment options nearby.

  3. Include vegetarian meals or meals using local, seasonal produce and ingredients. Local cuisine is often fresher and much more interesting for guests. You can feel good about your choices and eat well at the same time.

  4. Use paperless technology. Create a conference website with online registration and confirmation. Distribute conference materials electronically or on a USB drive.

  5. When paper is preferable, print on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks, using both sides of the page. 


Going green does not mean you have to sacrifice meeting quality. We can help minimize your environmental impact while producing a stellar meeting.